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GreenwoodCorvettes.com has been designed to provide the enthusiast with as much factual information as has been available regarding John and Burt Greenwood's racing and street car production endeavors. All data contained herein has been compiled from a variety of sources including former employees, business associates, competitors, customers, collectors, and countless conversations with John and Burt Greenwood themselves.

Many stories contained herein have been published in a variety of magazines and books, while others have never been seen before. Credit has been given wherever possible and all materials constituting this site are property of GreenwoodCorvettes.com, unless specified otherwise.

This website has been compiled from years of research on the parts of Wayne Ellwood and Mike Guyette, former owners of SHARK Quarterly magazine. All rights are reserved and any reproduction of any portion of GreenwoodCorvettes.com for commercial purposes, without consent, is expressly forbidden.

Although we've done our best in trying to present the facts as we've learned them, there's always another slant to the story. Any corrections or additions to our research would be greatly appreciated and contributors will be acknowledged for their efforts. We are always seeking additional info or photos regarding any aspect of the Greenwood saga.

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